Ysgol Gynradd Llanmartin Primary School

"Together we can achieve"



The registers will be marked at 9.00am. Any child arriving after 9am and before 9.15 will be marked as late.  Any pupil arriving after 9.15 will be marked as late after registration (this is classed as an absence and will need an authorising reason for the absence to be authorised).

If your child is absent for any reason please inform school by 9.30am. We will follow up absent children after this time if we have not had some form of message.

Mrs Curtis has a monthly meeting with our Educational Welfare Officer, Alison Bayley.  At this meeting the EWO looks at all pupils whose attendance is below 92%.  If you have any issues relating to getting your child to school, please do not hesitate to contact school and we can work together to overcome the issue.

We do not encourage families to take holidays in term time. In total there are 175 non-school days a year.  This gives families the opportunity to:

• Spend time together

• Go on family visits and days out

• Go on holiday

• Go shopping

• Attend routine appointments

Only the headteacher can approve holidays in term time and authorisation will be considered in relation to the pupil's attendance for 12 months preceding the request. All holiday requests made where pupils attendance is below 95% will be unauthorised.  If an unauthorised holiday is taken, this may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being served.  

The Local Authority has set the school an attendance target of 94%.

Parents are kept informed about attendance throughout the year on the school weekly newsletters.

Poor attendance will have a serious impact on education, work ethic and life chances. A pupil who ends the school year on 90% attendance will have missed four complete weeks of school.



Fixed Penalty Notice by the Local Authority

The Education Act 1996 requires parents to ensure their children of compulsory school age receive efficient full-time education. The law says that parents/carers whose children of compulsory school age are absent from school without good reason are committing an offence. The Local Authority can issue a fixed penalty notice for unauthorised absence of your child from school. A fixed penalty notice can be given for a pupil who has 10 half day sessions unauthorised absence from school. This includes holiday absence and persistent lateness. If paid within 28 days, the fine is £60. If paid after 28 days, but within 42 days the penalty will rise to £120. If the penalty is not paid in full by the 43rd day, this will result in legal action. You need to be aware that, although you may provide a reason for absence, it is the school who decides if the absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised. If you want to discuss this matter, please contact the school. 

PAYMENT Arrangement for payment will be detailed on the penalty notice and the Newport City Council Website. Non-payment of a penalty notice will trigger prosecution brought under Section 44 of the Education Act 1996. Further details are available in the South East Wales Consortium Code of Conduct.