Ysgol Gynradd Llanmartin Primary School

"Together we can achieve"

Vision and Mission Statement

At Llanmartin Primary School, we strongly believe in the moral purpose of education and we are committed in creating a happy, secure and stimulating environment, to provide the opportunity for all to succeed to the best of their ability. We value and respect the worth of each individual within the school community and recognise their talents and abilities, nurturing and developing all pupils to their full potential.

Llanmartin Primary School’s mission is “Together we can achieve”.  To enable this mission to be realised, the school will value, nurture and motivate all members of its community.

The Staff and Governors, working in partnership with parents aim to:

  • Provide a safe, happy and secure environment where everyone starts and finishes each day wanting to learn because they feel confident and valued.
  • Equip pupils to become skilled learners and provide opportunities to develop intellectually, socially, personally and morally.
  • Through high quality teaching provide a balanced education, with raising standards of achievement as a continuous priority;
  • To be a school where the highest standards of behaviour are expected and celebrated and where there is respect for ourselves and others.
  • Be proud of our Welsh heritage to promote Bilingualism and enjoy learning through the medium of Welsh.
  • To develop a positive attitude to global and local environmental issues and promote equal opportunities.
  • Develop an appreciation of healthy eating and the affect that it has on our bodies.
  • To be at the heart of the community and a place where children learn to be caring responsible citizens, with a growing awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability.


Our shared values

Our values are central to achieving our aims and sustaining the positive ethos of our school. They guide us from day to day in our learning, thinking and decision making. The impact of our values is evident in the daily life of the school.


We all show that we value...

  • Ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives
  • Healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society
  • Ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world
  • Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work

Our learning values

In addition to our whole school values, we use learning values to support children in understanding themselves as learners, developing not only their learning skills, but the ability to transfer these to new and different situations. Our focus on these values in our day to day learning also helps us to achieve our school aims.

  • Reflectiveness – Being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning. Knowing how you learn best; talking about learning, using what you already know to plan what comes next.
  • Resourcefulness – Being able to use different approaches and learn in different ways. Using resources, including people, ICT and past experiences. Asking questions of yourself and others, being curious and playing with ideas. Using your imagination to explore possibilities, for example, wondering ‘What if..?’ Knowing how to manage yourself in the give and take of a collaborative venture, respecting other view points, adding to and drawing from the strength of teams.
  • Resilience – being ready, willing and able to lock in to learning. Know how to work through difficulties or challenges.
  • Perseverance – being prepared to keep going when learning gets tough. Recognising that learning new things may sometimes be quick, but sometimes takes longer and need more practice.
  • Participation – Being ready, willing and able to learn alone or with other people and knowing when it is appropriate to do this. Contribute to others’ experiences, by listening to them to understand what they are really saying and to put yourself in their shoes. Use independent judgement and skills in communication and empathy. Constructively adopting positive methods, habits or values from other people whom you observe. Learn from, as well as with others - being a learning coach.
  • Purpose – seeing connections between prior learning, events and experiences, weaving a web of understanding. Using logical and rational skills to work things out methodically and rigorously, constructing good arguments. Working systematically with an awareness of time.

Our values promote a strong learning culture enabling children to grow in self confidence and celebrate their achievements with pride.


How the vision and values are maintained

Communication is the key to success 

All members of the school community are kept fully informed of school developments throughout the school year, through newsletters, texting, letters concerning specific issues and parent information sessions.  We aim to involve all in the decision making process at different levels and for different purposes.  This includes the children through pupil participation and pupil voice.

To support this process, we have an active School Council.  Children vote for their class representatives (one boy and one girl) every September and they, in turn, pass on the thoughts of their peers during the School Council meetings.  The School Council attend full Governor meetings once a term.