Ysgol Gynradd Llanmartin Primary School

"Together we can achieve"

Year 1/Year 2

What have Miss Drake's class been up to?

This year in Year 1/2 we have already been learning about “Land Ahoy” and retelling the story of The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. We went back in time within our topic “Remember Remember” and learnt about Samuel Pepys’ and his famous diary which he wrote during the Great Fire of London. We even tried to pretend we were him and write our own diary of the events as they occurred. We learnt about keeping safe around the fire and were lucky enough to do our own camp fire with scrummy marshmallows!

After Christmas we learnt about the traditional stories of the Three Little Pigs and Year 2 even learnt the alternative version, where the Big Bad Pig tried to knock down the houses. We really loved this book and would recommend it to all! We created some graphs and designed wanted posters on the I-pads and linking this to our literacy too!

Now we are going to be learning about the Big Wide World, where we will contrast countries both physically and socially. We will develop an understanding of climate differences and discuss how climate effects what we wear and do. Over the term we will investigate the weather and whether there are changes in the different countries as the year goes on. We will be looking at different currencies and money from around the world as well!

These are just some of the fun activities we have done and can’t wait to carry on and see what new things we learn! 

Spring Newsletter 2016 - Pop Up!